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    Financing your project : all documents and steps

    How to Apply for a Home Loan from a Bank

    Banks offers home loans to Thai nationals aged 20-70 years old. The number of co-borrowers cannot exceed three and they must be relatives of the primary borrower. For individual borrowers, the minimum monthly income is 15,000 THB. For co-borrowers, the combined monthly income must be at least 15,000 THB. Employment history of at least 6 months is required.

    Required Documents

    The key documents required are:

    • Loan application form
    • Copy of national ID card for borrower(s) and spouse
    • Copy of house registration
    • Letter of consent from borrower(s)
    • Marriage certificate if applicable
    • Proof of marriage for unregistered marriages
    • Name change certificate if applicable
    • Latest monthly pay slip or salary confirmation letter
    • 6 months bank statement for additional income sources
    • Title deed, Nor Sor 3, or ownership certificate for collateral

    Submit Documents and Get Pre-Approval

    Submit the required documents to the bank. If criteria are met, the bank will provide an in-principle pre-approval.

    Appraise Collateral

    The bank will appoint an evaluator to appraise the property being offered as collateral. This establishes the value of the collateral.

    Final Loan Approval

    The bank will inform the borrower of the final loan approval along with full terms and conditions such as loan amount, interest rate, tenure etc.


    If the borrower has an existing home loan with another bank, an appointment will be set up to transfer the mortgage.

    Contract Signing and Mortgage Registration

    The final step is signing the loan contract and registering the mortgage at the relevant government department as per legal requirements.

    Fees and Expenses

    The collateral appraisal fee is 3,000 THB including VAT. Other charges may apply.


    Home Loan Pre-Approval Process

    In-Office Pre-Approval Interview

    Our agency offers the option of an in-office pre-approval interview with a bank agent to determine if you are eligible for a home loan before formally applying.

    During this interview, the bank agent will review your financial situation, income sources, employment history, and other personal details to assess if you meet the bank's lending criteria.

    We can assist in compiling and preparing all required documents ahead of time, such as:

    • Identification documents
    • Proof of income
    • Employment details
    • Credit history reports
    • Property/collateral details

    This pre-approval interview allows you to get an initial decision on your eligibility before formally applying. It can help save time later in the application process if any issues or missing information are identified early.

    Our agents will guide you through the interview process and ensure all required documents are ready. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a pre-approval interview at our office. We are happy to assist.

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